We develop high quality Ruby on Rails applications,
e-commerce platforms and custom solutions for the business.

E-commerce development
and online stores

To build successful e-commerce business you need reliable platform.

Dippol is specialized in e-commerce and online stores development. Over the years we've developed strategy and fundamental tools required for starting and running successful online store and business.

We will provide stable and reliable online platform for your business! No matter whether your projects are complicated and require complex solutions with different integrations of third party services or it is just a standart online store, we can deliver it to you on reasonable price.

E-commerce solutions

Custom applications

Businesses and startups often have specific logics and require functionality that standard platforms can't provide.

Dippol offers development of robust custom applications for customers’ unique requirements. With our experience we deliver reliable solutions while staying within your budget and time. Along with full-cycle custom application development, we provide maintenance, customizations and further development of our projects.

We identify your unique needs and use that understanding with continuous delivery to bring valuable product for your business.

CMS, CRM, HRMS, PLM, ERP, real estate management, accountant software, order processing, business management etc.

Staff daily activities automation, human resources management systems integrations, payment gateway integration, billing systems, reward programs, affiliate systems and customer relationship management applications - we can provide you scalable and modular solution that will continue to be an asset for your company.

Ruby on Rails development

Scalable, secure, flexible and robust Ruby on Rails application development.

We are working with Rails since 2012 and over the years we've faced various challanges and solutions. Providing scalable and secure Rails applications is our principle. Rails is a mature development framework which implements a convention over configuration MVC. Rails can dramatically cut time for new website development.

PostgreSQL, MySQL, Elasticsearch, MongoDB

We know that properly designing your database is a must for success. Let us handle your data with care and top level security. Get the most out of the data you store and process. We will provide you flexible, efficient and scalable database services.

We help StartUPs to rapidly build their MVPs.

Starting a new project requires a good foundation, reliable architecture, easy scaling and fast delivery. Our team effectively achieves these requirements and we are reliable partner in the critical early stages. Ruby on Rails is the perfect platform for you.

API development and integrations

Enchance your service with stable API or integrate with third party services. This is additional channel for your business that should not be underestimated. We have the experience to expand your business to new platforms and clients.

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